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Spray Water twice in a day




Use Spray of (19:19:19)+(0:52:34) 1gm/liter water Once in a week

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Our small 2 Layer Bamboo is a perfect match not just for your office but for your home too. It’s a modishly designed, graceful and appealing piece adding a symbol of happiness, fortune and good luck. Being a Fengshui element present in it, the Small 2 layer bamboo is considered to be the most popular indoor plant. A new stoneware pot with that old look, small 2 layer is placed in order to ensure a good fortune. The tough stalks can revive in the vases of pure water and even in the Soil. A symbol of joy, health and wealth since the traditional times, every growing leaf brings about prosperity in the lives. No matter if it’s kept poorly, the surety is that the plant will last for a longer duration. Nurturing with the greens is easy to maintain. One peculiar feature about them is that, they are sent in technically designed packaging that can be used for gifting purpose also. A two layer ventilated recyclable packaging keeps the plant and the planter safe.
Note: Above shown images are only for references, actual plant height is in between 0.5ft to 1ft.

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