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Strong Spray of water once in a day




Use Spray of (19:19:19)+(0:52:34) 1gm/liter water Once in a 15 days

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Botanical Name : Zantadeschia Pot Size : 15 Cm Top Diameter, 18 Cm Height, Brown Colour Height : 30-45 Cm Description : The Calla-Lily Plants that we supply have stronger stems, larger Flowers and Longer Pot Life. The Calas are Popular worldwide and are one of the most prefered House Plants. Caring Tips : Calla-Lilys Prefer to be grown Indoors. The Growing Medium for CalIa-Lilyes should be sterile, and able to drain well with a pH of 5.5 to 6.0 . They prefer temperatures between 20 to 25 Degree Celsius. They Prefer Humidity of 60-70 % RH
Note: Above shown images are only for references, actual plant height is in between 0.5ft to 1ft.

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