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Spray Water twice in a day




Use Spray of (19:19:19)+(0:52:34) 1gm/liter water Once in a week

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Golden Ring category of lucky bamboo is an extraordinary indoor plant that might be developed in your home. Bamboo plant is not difficult to give a second thought, develop and it is incredible for inside spaces with faint characteristic. The 9 Braided is another range of bamboo plant that is known for its modish design. The 9 Braided layer in the Lucky Bamboo is the symbol of perfection and joyfulness. It is one of the most loved sorts of bamboo plants that have been much esteemed for it brings good fortunes and fortune. It emanates positive vitality that could be ideal for any sorts of organizations. 9 Braided layer is viewed as lucky in view of its imperativeness, adaptability and solid development.
Note: Above shown images are only for references, actual plant height is in between 0.5ft to 1ft.

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