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Spray of water once in a day




Use spray of 19:19:19 1gm/lit water once in a month

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Product Description: Botanical Name : Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus. Watermelon Fruit Plant resides under family of Cucurbitaceae. The fruit plant is originated Africa. It is a vine-like and large sprawling annual plant with yellow flowers. It comes under Plantae, Angiospers, Eudicots and Rosids. Watermelon Fruit Plant is from a Citrullus genus and has a species of C. Lanatus. Watermelon Fruit Plant is an annual summer plant with weak and long trailings. The fruit is rich in vitamins are mostly eaten raw or cooked in various ways. Plant Height  :1-2 Feet, 2-3 Feet, 3-4 Feet, 5-6 Feet, 8-10 Feet.
Note: Above shown images are only for references, actual plant height is in between 0.5ft to 1ft.

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